pt win the afternoon

Last week, we went to a thing called “How to Monetize Content on the Internet” that was hilariously useless. The four men (because duh) on the panel each had a minimum of like 20 million unique users per month, so they did not have any actual advice for people with puny 500,000-person monthly readerships. Also, […]

WIN THE AFTERNOON  5:57 pm March 25, 2009

by Jim Newell

HER LOSS: LANDRIEU DEFINITELY NOT AT BRITNEY CONCERT: The Huffington Post has run with this “gossip blog”‘s reported confirmed life-defining economy-saving news report about Eric Cantor going to see old Britney Spears sing last night, and they have gotten confirmation from Sen. Landrieu’s office that she was not, as it happens, there with Eric Cantor, […]