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The David Paterson SCANDAL story has still not appeared in the NYT, so here is another story about naughty black politicians! Except these people are the boring kind of naughty, taking all kinds of dollars from the evil Corporates and holding very expensive dinners. Thank goodness President Obama “was never very active” with the Congressional […]

OMG IT IS NEWS, TODAY, BUT NOT ABOUT TEA OR BAGS. The disgraced Illinois fucktard Rod Blagojevich would like to appear on a reality show, provided a judge will loosen his travel restrictions. The show is called I Am a Repulsive Human Merkin, Get Me Out of Costa Rica! Should he actually get permission to […]

The silly DNC spent all of its cash on loser Jim Martin’s 800 losses in Georgia this year, so what do they do, right, they go to Obama and ask for a damn check, and then he e-mails us to hawk some more junk. “Obama for America” writes, “This holiday season, celebrate the historic accomplishment […]

WHORES  6:00 pm August 25, 2008

CNN Defaces Public Building

by Jim Newell

We advise all readers to crush at least four shots of cheap Canadian whiskey before turning on CNN during this convention. They have been talking all afternoon about, what else, The Clintons and their Drama. CNN’s Denver headquarters are comically located here at the “CNN Grill,” which we assume is supposed to highlight some vague […]

There has been some speculation and anti-speculation that John McCain will pick his vice president this week, and that it will be Mitt Romney because why not. The timing of McCain’s announcement is particularly important, because it will be the only chance he has of getting decent press coverage ever. What if he announces it […]

WHORES  9:04 pm June 20, 2008

by Jim Newell

OBAMA’S A LOSER: Uh oh, someone wants to look like a Tuff Guy by supporting illegal spying legislation that he previously… didn’t. And now every single comment board on the Internet will flood with great anti-Obama wits, writing “OOH WHOS YR DEM MESIAH NOW??” [Washington Post/The Trail]

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan testified in Congress today about his terrible book, What Happened When I Did Yo Mama, and told them that President Bush may have vaguely possibly ordered former chief of staff Andy Card to order McClellan to deny I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby XVII’s involvement in leaking Valerie Plame’s name, […]