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Tag: pt Whine and Jesus Party

Let's get both these kids in the next Wes Anderson movie

Saturday Night Live Discriminated All Over Victoria Jackson’s Free Gay-Hating Speech

Like many Americans who now regret it, we watched the great big Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary program Sunday, and we kept looking over at our 17-year-old son and explaining that the show didn't so much suck as that...
nice ride

It’s A Good Friday For Values Voters To Feel Persecuted Again

It's time for all the wingnuttiest Christianist wingnuts who will never be president to gather once again in D.C. to Biblesplain how President Obama is THE WORST, liberals have killed Jesus (again!), and it's hard out there in these...

A Children’s Treasury of Random Wingnut Post-Election Butthurt (Part Douche)

As we have already pretty much established, America is Over Now, so all that's left is just sitting around and waiting for the last few remaining embers of Freedom to burn out. If we're really lucky, the Ancient Mayans...