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Listen To These Pentecostal Rock Zombies Sing About Obama

The Awl has introduced us to a fine musical talent today: Winterband, a group of Pentecostals who specialize in freak-folk and classic rock songs, about morality. This one, "Obama Muslim 9/11," is just an acoustic; do you know what...

It’s A Fun Political Ad, From Colombia!

Well how about that. The Colombians -- the people who make bloggers' cocaine -- also make a special detergent with fabric softener that turns hard shoes into pretty flowers, to be thrown at George W. Bush. Who would ever...

Oh Look, It’s The Best Video Ever Made, That’s Kind Of Cool

NOT FOR EPILEPTICS. If you care about elitist "context" (BOOOO!), Gizmodo can give you context.

Skoalrebel: “finally a new vid dippin good ole grizz bear green”

"I'm up to 223 subscribers... I don't know why y'all motherfuckers fuckin' subscribe to me when all y'all gonna do is fuckin' talk shit about me."