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South Dakota Legalizing Abortion(-Doctor Murder)

While those useless fat cats in D.C. twiddle their thumbs and let our country sink perilously into debt and endless unemployment, the hardworking legislators of America’s heartland and working together to get things done for their citizens. Yeah, we’re talking about legalizing murder, a common-sense solution to pretty much every problem. South Dakota is considering a bill that would change the state’s definition of homicide so it’s legal to kill a doctor who tries to give a woman an abortion, as long as that woman is your daughter, mother, or wife. Anyway, everyone is rather closely related in South Dakota, right? So basically any South Dakotan can just go around shooting doctors “on demand,” according to this state Rep. Phil Jensen’s bill. Man, all the other South Dakota legislators have to be kicking themselves that they didn’t think of this brilliant “pro-life” strategy first. Read more on South Dakota Legalizing Abortion(-Doctor Murder)…