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Get Ready For A Long, Hard, Throbbing Four Years: Your Weekly Top Ten!

How can you be ready for the weekend, if you don't know which stories EVERYONE'S TALKING ABOUT?
my god it's full of stars

Open Up Your Wallet, Sucker. Wonkette Just Broke Your Browser For The Very Last Time.

Imagine a world where you don't have to email me at rebecca at wonkette dot com to tell me you can't read Wonkette's latest vicious snarlings because we done broke your browser (again). Imagine a world of Internet SO...

Wonkette T-Shirts Are For Lovers

So we finally have our store up? It is at wonkettebazaar.com? It is still "in beta" as the nerds say, but we think it is ready but you can let us know if anything is totally fucked? You can...