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Ohio Soup Kitchen Obviously The Real Villain In Paul Ryan’s Dishwatergate

In yet another example of the weird-ass confluence between food and politics in the current campaign season, the Youngstown, Ohio soup kitchen where Paul Ryan staged a photo-op by washing clean pans is now facing an angry wave of cancelled donations, maybe! Nothing supports the GOP stance of letting private charity take the place of government programs like starving some homelesses out of bungled-photo-op spite. Or maybe it’s receiving a surge of generous private donation fom libruls who want Big Government to provide everything to the Poors? Or some of each? As you recall, the St. Vincent DePaul Society’s president, Brian J. Antal, objected after the Ryan team “ramrodded their way” into the kitchen after it had already finished serving local Poors their gruel for the day, saying that the empty gesture never should have been allowed. As a result, Romney/Ryan supporters have withheld donations from the Catholic charity and flooded it with angry phone calls. God told them to, we are quite sure. Read more on Ohio Soup Kitchen Obviously The Real Villain In Paul Ryan’s Dishwatergate…