pt war on xmas gift guide

Terrify your friends and lovers this War on Christmas with a customized “dragon” metaphor for Barack Obama’s love of fire and war! “Our, limited edition, collectible dragon statue showcases Barack Obama as a fiercely committed young dragon of mystic strength.” Supposedly the buyer would purchase this catastrophe as a desk decoration, like for work. Awful. […]

Wonkette hobo operative “Virginia” went all the way to a state called “Virginia” (??) to cash in on the McCain-Palin used junk firesale advertised here yesterday, and sends this note: “I got all the way here!! but the elevator won’t take me to floor ‘m’. I am proud of trek, but saddened by the end […]

Yo bitches check out the details about this FIRESALE at McCain-Palin headquarters, according to a report from an anonymous operative in Virginia: “I just came back from the McCain-Palin regional headquarters in Arlington, VA. They are selling all of their office equipment – it was very depressing, but I did lay hands on a nice […]

Well isn’t this beautiful? No? Right, it’s a design disaster. Maybe Photoshop should require an Operator’s License with annual testing. That would create jobs! Anyway, here is your latest Wonkette War On Xmas gift suggestion, this terrible fucking plate, which looks like it should be the hubcap of a blinged-out compact car with those gay […]