pt war forever

America’s favorite fundraising tool, “the other side declaring terrible war on everyone else,” got a shiny new box of ammo, haha, from a PG-13 Labor Day pep talk Jimmy Hoffa gave to a crowd of union supporters calling for Democratic voters to declare war on the GOP and to “take these son-of-a-bitches out” at the […]

The forces of good and evil resume their bilious clouded swirl over the state of Wisconsin today as primary voters go┬áto cast votes in the state’s recall elections against six of Scott Walker’s senate puppets, and it is already just an orgy of dead fetuses and robots. Robocalls possibly from Wisconsin “Right to Life” are […]

WAR FOREVER  11:49 am October 27, 2008

by Sara K. Smith

WE ARE STILL BOMBING PAKISTAN ALL THE TIME: Sure Syria was big news this weekend, but did you know that US-led forces or CIA drones have been involved in 12 air strikes in Pakistan in the last 10 weeks? The Pakistani president does not care for this one bit. [ABC News (the Australian one)]