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Is the War of Libya over? Who knows. How about the War In Iraq? Kind of dull these days, we guess. War against Afghanistan? Very expensive and busy, as always, but it’s mostly boring Robot Raptors laser-blasting poor families in mud huts. And then we (ha ha, “we”) have soldiers and troops and special forces […]

Nobody knows what’s really going on in Oslo or at the holiday camp island in Norway where a bombing and a shooting have left many people dead, but it’s always safe for American Idiots on the Internet to jump in with a suspect (“Muslims”) and a verdict (“guilty”) and a list of co-conspirators (“Obama and […]

Were you feeling a little unsatisfied, because America is only fighting major wars right now against Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya? Time to be fulfilled: Your U.S. military is also now having a war in Yemen. “Secretly,” haha. From the New York Times, ugh: WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has intensified the American covert war […]

The main political news in the world right now is that allegedly rape-y IMF Frenchman, because he resigned his job as chief of the International Monetary Fund. Surprising, too, because most people just figured he would run the IMF from prison. (This is how it works at the World Bank.) Also, and just like Tupac, […]

Wow, we are not even going to click through these, because we kind of remember the last several batches of “extremely graphic” pictures of U.S. troops and U.S. military contractors murdering and torturing Muslims in the various countries where America continues to murder and torture people, for Freedom. In fact, we’re going to cover our […]

The bloodshed seems to be halted in Libya today, hooray for the UN no-fly/no-massacre resolution, but some of the other many Arab Uprisings are still going terribly today: “Syrian security forces dispersed protesters in two towns Friday, state media reported in the first official word of what appeared to be the gravest unrest in years […]

War schlub David Petraeus did one of his “report cards to the Senate” things today, and he’s got good news! Despite never accomplishing* a single thing in 10 years of bloody, pointless, horrific boondoggle Central Asian warfare, “It is only recently that we have gotten the inputs right in Afghanistan.” Oh, now we get it! […]

Well, they did it — probably unconstitutionally, certainly amorally, but the Wisconsin state senate Republicans crammed through their union-crushing bill tonight, and the response wasn’t very happy from the union workers and protesters and plain decent people of Wisconsin (and beyond) gathered for so long in Madison.

That parcel-terror plot apparently involved explosives being mailed to a couple of Chicago synagogues. You know, because Chicago synagogues are very much responsible for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and whatever else (everything) now included in the War Upon the Terror. President Obama says he’s “very concerned” and will “keep using robot death drones to […]

If, like confused old ass-clown Richard Cohen at the Washington Post, you’ve never heard of the “WikiLeaks” or the “Internet,” this year’s biggest news story maybe didn’t really hit home. And if there’s a natural constituency of confused old ass-clowns outside the Washington Post‘s op-ed page, it’s the U.S. Capitol. That’s why the House decided […]

WAR ALL THE TIME  1:44 am February 10, 2009

by Ken Layne

OH, DENBY’S STILL STINKING UP THE NPR SHOWS? Chronic masturbator and greedy day-trading halfwit David Denby continues to lie about his libel/slander against your Wonkette. Los Angeles Times book-blogger Carolyn Kellogg has an amusing update, and you can skip right ahead to 2:55 to see how Denby was telling more dumb lies on WNYC on […]