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Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher has a wee little crush on me, your Editrix, this is just Science Fact. But that crush has led to something useful today, and that is his nomination for a poll of “best” “media” “stuff” of “the year” “2013.” And who is up for “greatest typer in the Republic and also the […]

Who’s got two thumbs and voted yesterday? THIS GUY. Ohio allows early voting (sort of maybe if the Secretary of State allows it?) thirty-five days before the election. Because I am a shameless political hack, I knew exactly who I was voting for when the 2012 presidential race began in 2009. (Mitt Romney, obviously.) I […]

Every election day since 2006, we’ve asked Wonkette Operatives across the nation to send sexy camera-phone pictures of Polling Place hijinx. But this year, we’ll only ask those living in the “voting rights” dirty dozen states with elections today. The question for 2010 is this: Will Nevada’s cruel anti-choice ban on Chicken Costumes at the […]

VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN  9:26 pm January 12, 2009

by Ken Layne

ROAD OF BONES: Polls close tomorrow night, for this tragic Fake Weblog Awards warblogging contest. Comics Curmudgeon for the Humor, Blue Gal’s pick of Driftglass for this thing, and let’s have a final crushing blow against all other “liberal blogs,” for the sin of being liberal.

Oh look, now you can click this computer graphic of a computer, and then, magically, you can vote for your Wonkette, so we can post a different computer graphic of a computer, but this time designating your Wonkette as the whatever-of-the-year — this time around, we are nominated for “Prettiest Libtard Blog.” We are being […]