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Here is your dumb racist Fox Nation headline screengrab accusing Obama of some kind of secret anti-employment Black Panther birthday celebration, because “hip-hop” is the acceptable derogatory term for “black people things” if you are an old white racist who reads Fox Nation. Why didn’t this barbecue party create jobs? Why is Obama always inviting […]

Oh, Michelle Obama! We love you even when we don’t really think too much of that husband of yours, anymore. You’re “the cool one,” right? Right? No, you’re just another amoral liar in Washington. Politico has this: First lady Michelle Obama‚Äôs office on Tuesday quickly shot down the suggestion that she has ever publicly voiced […]

UGH  5:06 pm August 3, 2009

by Jim Newell

WONKETTE DOES NOT CARE FOR THESE PEOPLE: Just how bad will August be, because of the Republicans and various anti-reform special interest groups? Imagine the Brooks Brothers Riot, but happening every day, across the country, for the entire month. Just health insurance employees being dispatched in plainclothes to town halls, so as to shout nonsense […]

Everybody was so excited when what’s his name, Atlantic child wonder Ross Douthat, got Bill Kristol’s spot in the New York Times. We’re still kind of angry about the NYT taking away one of our easiest weekly comedy bits, so no hurrahs from your Wonkette. Also, this Ross Douthat does seem to be that most […]

UGH  2:08 pm September 10, 2008

by Ken Layne

WHY DO ALL REPUBLICANS HATE SARAH PALIN BY TALKING ABOUT PIGS & LIPSTICK? “We’ve got 56 days until the election. How many of them can McCain spend hiding behind Palin’s skirt?” [Reason]