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Tag: pt typical

Guess Donald Trump Thinks Chicago Cubs Can Eff Right Off

To be fair, maybe the only reason Trump has failed to congratulate the Cubs is that he's classless trash.
Good job, asshole

Americans Want GOP To Do Its Damn Job, So That’ll Never Happen

Today, in No Frickin' Duh News, we bring you this exciting revelation. A totally not shocking in any way new poll shows the majority of Americans think the Senate's shit-sniffing Republicans should try earning their six-figure salaries for once, and...
Yeah, HE'S the idiot

Obama Refuses To Say How He Rigged New Hampshire Primary

Oooh, that devilish Obama! New Hampshiritiantonians are holding their FIRST!!!!1! in the nation primary right now -- like, right now now -- and the president refuses to tell the American people The Truth about just how he and his jackbooted New Black Panther ACORN...

Barack Obama Gives Presidential Medal of Freedom To Bunch of Homosexuals, Blacks, Women & Muslims

Today, the LG-BLT crowd is finally happy with the breeder Barack Obama, because he has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to an alive lesbian (Billie Jean King) and a dead gay man (Harvey Milk) along with many sundry...

Spitzer Paid For Sexy Hot Emperor’s Club Hookers With … Money Orders

No sooner did word break last March that New York governor Eliot Spitzer had been patronizing hookers than it devolved into deep unsexiness. We're talking about Spitzer, after all, one of the least desirable humans on the planet! He...