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All We Heard Was ‘Scott Brown,’ ‘Twitter’ and ‘Gay’

2 many hawt pixxx of naked gay Scott Brown on Twitter whut??!!?! NO, boo, it’s just some story about one of naked Scott Brown’s dumb aides doing something dumb and very much NOT naked Scott Brown on Twitter. Scott Brown (and Mitt Romney!) aide Eric Fehrnstrom got caught using a fake Twitter account to¬†impersonate the insane alter-ego of Scott Brown’s Democratic challenger Alan Khazei and made jokes about gay videos and a bunch of insider Massachusetts stuff no one understands, which is terrible, mostly because it is inane. We rate this “political scandal” a -4, because it got our hopes up. Damn you, Scott Brown’s lame aide! Oh well, did someone make Eric Fehrnstrom pretend to apologize?¬† Read more on All We Heard Was ‘Scott Brown,’ ‘Twitter’ and ‘Gay’…