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A Video Of Darth Vader Ringing Bell Of New York Stock Exchange? Sure

It is just that kind of news day, apparently! Anyway no one worry about the economy anymore.

Pajamas TV Eats Its Own Poop

Don't click the link. Don't watch the video. Don't listen to this shitbird. Okay maybe watch a little bit.

Mean Old Spider Walks All Over ‘God’s Human On Earth,’ The Pope

Current pope "Adolf Hitler" was raped by a spider today. Look at that lil' guy, walkin' and spider-poopin' all over Il Popo. Kathryn Jean Lopez is not going to like this one iota. (For some reason we assumed this...

Middle-Aged Secessionist Lady From Texas Will Launch Bloody War For Her Freedom

The secessionist losers in Texas held a major rally (like 2 people) in front of the state Capitol this past weekend, but whither be leader Rick Perry and his 70 pretend-secessionist allies from the state legislature? Apparently they were...

The Gay Iceberg Was Liberal, Anyway

In today's long-awaited "Tuesday Fun Video," Mexican CNN anchor Rick Sanchez plays Mexican music over footage of a massive iceberg collapsing into the ocean, near Greenland, just to put on a show for tourists. While you Science-pansies out there...

Rahm Emanuel Forced To Interact With Group Of Children

You can just see Barack Obama ordering Rahm Emanuel to do this. "Rahm, you are an evil fuck and everyone knows it. You must humanize yourself and read a cute children's book to children, which we will post on...

Give This Reporter Many Raises

The look on these anchors' faces at 0:33 might rank among the greatest YouTube freeze-frames of some period of time.

Breaking Political News From CNN, HURRY!

Even though you have already had a "Tuesday Lunch Video" today, circumstances call for a "Tuesday Fun Video" as well, because how can we not post this? It's CNN's finest hour. "Flatulence," she says!