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TUESDAY FUN LINK  5:42 pm June 23, 2009

by Jim Newell

WRITE YOUR OWN POLITICAL ANGLE: “RICHFIELD (WKOW) — Police say a South Milwaukee man drank at least 10 beers at a golf course on state Highway 167, and after being left behind by the relatives who brought him there, he decided to drive himself the nearly 40 miles back to his home…in a golf cart. […]

What does this have to do with politics? Everything. “All of my blog posts are political blog posts,” Bob Dylan once said, and this is true. All of the WSJ’s punny wordsmithery is political punny wordsmithery: “Hip-hop luminaries with the cash to keep it real are appalled. Bling aficionados fret that the art of ‘ice’ […]

You’ve been waiting for it all day, and here it is: your “Tuesday Fun Link.” Today’s link directs you to “Boycott McDonald’s,” an effort from some terrible thing called the American Family Association. Naturally, these people are not boycotting McDonald’s because they are starting diets — on the contrary, we assume they are all fat […]