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How does a multi-millionaire Northerner like Mitt Romney get in good with a crowd of southern voters in Mississippi? He will simply explain to them that being Southern is a disease, which he has now caught from his unfortunate Mississippi-born bodyguard. “This guy I see every day time after time after time,” he says — […]

Remember back when Newt Gingrich was the confident, tuff-talking historarian lecturing anyone in sight on the dire stupidity of their every thought? Times have changed, since fourteen days ago! After having a thorough pout in Iowa, he quickly fled the state in shame and tears before the caucus results had even finished arriving. Newtie tried […]

Do you ever wish you had the opportunity to personally inform the Stay-Puft madman Newt Gingrich that he is a “fucking asshole,” to his face? You are not alone! Tom Sorensen of Iowa City shares your dream! So this is exactly what he did, in a grocery store where Newt was stomping around burping his […]

Wonkette CPAC tipster GARRETT3000 sends us our “last CPAC photo,” for the 22,000th time, this one capturing allegedly “neutral” blog reporter Dave Weigel, who writes about crazy people for the Washington Independent. Turns out he is one of the crazy people, because here he is clearly 100% endorsing the racist John Birch Society, with a […]

TRUE FACTS  2:49 pm July 14, 2009

by Jim Newell

JEFF SESSIONS CALLS THE OL’ RACIAL STATUE-OF-LIBERTY PLAY: We have no idea what that means. But here’s what Sen. Jeff Sessions told Miss Mex with regards to her vote in the damn Ricci case: “And, in fact, your vote was the key vote. Had you voted with Judge Cabranes, himself of — of — of […]