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Herman Cain Not Entirely Sure What This Medicare Thing Is

Serial scumball Newt Gingrich and banal grifter idiot Herman Cain held some kind of “modified Lincoln Douglas style debate” Saturday night, which attracted exactly as much media attention as Newt Gingrich desperately blathering reasons why he deserves Herman Cain’s veep pick on a Saturday night as you’d expect. There was exactly one fun part, when Herman Cain was asked the world’s most incredibly basic question on whether he will keep Medicare (the current “defined benefits plan”) or destroy Medicare (Paul Ryan’s “premium support plan”). Herman Cain has no idea what any of that is, so he tries his usual tack of repeating a few of the words back for a few seconds and then just gives up and makes a weird “fatal server error” face. IS IT UR TURN ALREADY, NEWT?!?! Read more on Herman Cain Not Entirely Sure What This Medicare Thing Is…
  trick questions

What Is ‘America,’ Anyway?

Why did America’s young people “take it to the streets” on May 1st? Were they angry about all the illegal wars? Were they frustrated because undocumented immigrants pay more taxes than our largest corporations? Perhaps all the young, patriotic Americans protested in the streets because we have “less than five percent of the world’s population, but almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners”? Or because “the richest one percent of Americans now take home almost twenty-four percent of income,” just like in a Banana Republic? Don’t be silly! America’s young people emerged from their condos to celebrate Death. Too bad Leni Riefenstahl wasn’t there with her Flip Cam. Speaking of Nazis, do you know who else died on May First? Hitler! Unfortunately we weren’t able to shoot Adolf Hitler in the head and then dump him in the ocean, for Justice — but most of the high-ranking Nazi monsters were still tried and convicted in a court of law. We probably would have killed every member of the Nazi High Command immediately without a proper trial, if they had committed the unconscionable act of murdering 3,000 people. Read more on What Is ‘America,’ Anyway?…