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Disneyland White-Power Rabbit Makes Black Children Cry

Well! Sure hope you weren’t planning on being anything other than sad and angry today, because we bring you a shitty story of misery and suck. Maybe you won’t even care, like “Disneyland, commodifying children’s dreams, anti-corporatism, OCCUPY!” Well maybe you should shut your fucking piehole, because Disneyland is awesome (if you never, ever, ever, ever go on a weekend), and we took our own sweet son there every year on the Wednesday closest to his birthday from the time he was two until he hit 14 and we didn’t care about him anymore. AND IT WAS MAGICAL MOM AND SON TIME AND WE LOVED IT. AND ONE YEAR HIS EYES LIT THE FUCK UP AT THE SLEEPING BEAUTY BARBIE AND WE SPENT $30 ON A FUCKING BARBIE FOR HIM. AND GUESS WHAT KEITH ABLOW OUR SON IS NOT GAY. (Mommyblogging!) (This part is the cutest: so his eyes lit up when he saw the Barbie of his dreams, and we literally said “Hey, look over there!” and then handed the clerk the doll from behind our back and it totally worked. Man, three-year-olds. So fucking stupid, amirite?) Have you noticed we have not yet gotten to the suck and misery? Yeah, we have noticed that too. Read more on Disneyland White-Power Rabbit Makes Black Children Cry…