pt too soon?

Here’s one for the “what were they thinking?” files: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is returning to active duty while the Army continues its investigation of his disappearance from his base in Afghanistan in 2009. He’ll “probably be assigned a desk job at Fort Sam Houston in Texas” and will be allowed to leave base without an […]

Here is a scan from the Seattle Times from, uh, sometime after Ted Stevens died in a plane crash, we guess, sent to us by a tipster known only as “foog,” who may or may not be the person who runs this blog full of funny headlines. It is one of those things where you […]

Don’t mind that bearded fanatic in his low-altitude primitive aircraft flying around the skyscrapers tonight! The government is totally aware of this problem, and has chosen to just sort of “let it play out.” Happy Christmas, everybody! [NORAD Santa Tracker]