pt thursdays are for magazines

Sup friends? Welcome to Thursdays, welcome to magazines, etc. Today it’s INTERN’S CHOICE, as it is your Intern Juli’s last day here at Wonkette (for the time being??)—and of course, with respect to our current understandings of the terms “Intern”, “Juli” and “Wonkette.” Cliff-hanger! Anyway: back to the Atlantic, which is your Intern’s Choice, because […]

Hey and welcome to Thursday, a day for magazines! So, speaking of welcomes, remember Iraq? We were “welcomed” there in 2003 or thereabouts, right after—and because of?!—9/11. Turns out we liked it so much over there we never left. Ha ha. Well, to be fair, Dissent is still in an Iraq Of The Mind, what […]

Slate! That’s technically a magazine. Yes, yes, magazine by a hair. Okay, here we go, let’s take a look at which articles this week everyone will be referencing in conversation as if they did not just about read these things in Slate. As in: Q: “Oh, did you know so-and-so fun fact about so-and-so marginal […]

Hey and welcome back to Thursday, but more urgently, welcome back to Magazines. (Last week there was a highly frustrating situation involving your Wonkette intern’s personal computer, sunflower seed shells, and several failed technologies.) But no matter: onwards to The Nation., which you’ll recall has been on our radar since that time we had to […]

Last week was learningsy, hm? Synopsis: we talked about Foreign Affairs and explored some important theories about colonialism and its most nefarious agent: the Mercator projection. Such the fun! This week it’s on to bigger and better: namely, Taco Talk, the in-house monthly of the DC restaurant California Tortilla. Taco Talk, or “TT” as it […]

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: time to read a magazine, you and me! Let’s see, let’s see, how about Foreign Affairs? That’s appropriately capital-i Important and relatively low-profile. Like their pioneers-of-capitalism friends over at the American Prospect, Foreign Affairs charges you if you want to read the “premium” articles. But we’re not […]

So the hope for today was to talk about The Nation. And I assure you, there would have been winning remarks about that dumb period in its name. But unfortunately, The Nation is not all the way on the Internet yet, and since we all have German history discussion sections to head off to, or […]

Mother Jones! So zeitgeisty now, what with the two ASME nods. Way 2 go! The most recent issue is all about food, which means it’s actually mostly about environmentalism. Let’s see here, Mother Jones takes a few things—farms, college cafeterias, Obama’s cabinet—and asks how these things can be “improved”, which in politically informed foodie-speak means […]

Let’s look at Commentary magazine, the famous neocon rag now edited by John Podhoretz, who can be easily analogized to Bill Kristol, I guess, for having a much more intelligent and talented father and then sort of soiling the family legacy in the name of pride and stupidity. Or hey, for a more zeitgeist-y example […]

Well, well, let’s take a look-see at the New York Review of Books. There’s some political stuff in here, yes? Sure there is. Besides, in a few months, the only magazines left in America will be a receipt for rice and dried fruit, and even that will be probably be a blog, and owned by […]

Let’s turn an eye toward the New Yorker, a popular New York-based magazine that sometimes has a passable amount to do with DC and politics, making it a-okay for this, “the DC gossip.” Plus, as you may have heard, certain New Yorker staff writers have been turning a bemonocoled eye towards your Wonkette, and you […]

Let’s see what the boys at the Atlantic have cooked up for us this month, in the magazine’s March issue. There’s war, and the economy, and Christianity—timeless subjects, all! There’s also Christopher Hitchens, trying to one-up Adam Gopnik the only way he knows how: by writing disparaging remarks in Sharpie on his face.

Gather ye rosebuds everyone, it’s time to read a magazine, as is our long-standing Thursday afternoon tradition. Let’s see, let’s see. How about The Washington Monthly, which has proudly resisted becoming in any way trendy since its inception. Come now, let’s take a look inside and maybe figure out why. (Early guess: nearly every article […]

It was only a matter of time before the The New Republic stopped being an inevitability in this little feature. Well, the time has come—just one week in! Let’s take a look what worthwhile things are afoot in these storied pages this week, for our new feature, Thursdays Are For Magazines.

Hey welcome to this thing that’s going to start happening on Thursdays! It’s a special Friday edition of “Thursdays Are For Magazines,” in which Wonkette will be reading a different political or DC magazine each week and reviewing its contents, in fun capsule-list form.