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Kansas Fetus Memorial To Be Classy, Jew-y

Your Comics Curmudgeon is of Hebrew extraction, in part, and considers himself lucky to live in the time and place where he does! For instance: for most of history, if you were a Jew who encountered a really religious Christian, or a Christian really focused on Jewry, probably you were going to get forcibly converted, or ordered to live in an actual ghetto, or maybe just lynched for poisoning all the wells with bubonic plague. But in early 21st century America, more often than not, your Jew-focused gentile is more likely to talk about how neat the Chosen People are, what with their covenant with the Lord and such. Sure it’s secretly about Jesus’s long-term plan for the apocalypse, but still: beats having your village burned down by Cossacks, right? So, yes, anti-abortion nuts in Wichita are trying to build a copy of the Western Wall at some hilariously awful Kansas memorial to unborn victims of the Abortio-caust, and professionally irritated people like ADL head Abe Foxman deem this offensive, but we think it’s super hilarious. Read more on Kansas Fetus Memorial To Be Classy, Jew-y…