pt this is why we can’t have nice things

Wellesley womyn, we applaud you. You saw an injustice, and you demanded change. Oh, wait, no. You saw a piece of art, “The Sleepwalker” by Tony Matelli, and said it was offensive and scared you and triggered you and made you feel “unsafe,” and demanded it be removed because BAD ART! BAD! “[T]his highly lifelike […]

You’d like to think that if you were renting your million-dollar California house to a freakin’ congressman they’d take decent care of the place, wouldn’t you? You know, unless maybe it was Sen. John Blutarsky or the Hon. Oscar Madison. If there’s any justice in how memes travel, let’s hope that California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher […]

Hey Americans! Do you like governance by snit? OF COURSE YOU DO. What country wouldn’t want its fate determined by petty grievances and your leaders generally acting like whiny little bitchcakes towards one another? We sure do love it! USA! So what is the latest crucial thing that is being blocked by someone having a […]

America, have you enjoyed your Cory Booker? He has been your American superhero, your bright shining full-of-integrity star in the awful firmament of American politics. He saves ladies from burning buildings. He has a Gosling-style tumblr dedicated to him. He scored free Hot Pockets for America, or at least for Newark. He’s just like you, […]

National treasure and beloved American public intellectual Rush Limbaugh will join Great Communicators Walter Cronkite, Mark Twain, and Charlie Parker and some others (Harry S Truman, Bob Barker, and John Ashcroft) in the Show Me state’s …. nope. Can’t do it. Here, go read this for a minute and then come back.