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  they shall overcome

Idaho House Is Pretty Certain They Can Just Wish The Pesky EPA Away

People of Idaho (looking at you, Dok Zoom), we’re going to need to ask you to come collect your state legislators because they seem to have lost all sense of how laws actually work, and that’s going to pose a problem for everyone really soon. Lawsplain at us about the problem, Think Progress lawyer guy. Federal law is completely optional and Idaho can opt out of any laws it doesn’t like. Or, at least, that’s what several members of the Idaho state legislature appears to believe. On Thursday, the Idaho House Resources Committee approved a bill purporting to declare all Environmental Protection Agency regulations “null and void”. The bill, which claims that “the regulation authority of the United States environmental protection agency is not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violates its true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifiers,” is doubly unconstitutional. States do not have the unilateral authority to declare a law unconstitutional[.] Man, you fancy east coast elites always trying to keep Idaho down with your rules and regulations about how there has to be an EPA and you can’t destroy the environment and you can’t just pick and choose what laws you follow. Everybody knows that the only things the Constitution addresses is your right to have guns anyhow anyplace anywhere and your right to require everyone to love Jesus because he founded these here United States and your god-given right to be super-butthurt if anyone tells you you’re a bigot. That’s it. Just those three things. Read more on Idaho House Is Pretty Certain They Can Just Wish The Pesky EPA Away…
  they shall overcome

RedState Angry It’s ‘Still’ Not ‘Allowed To Make a Racial Slur’ About Obama

As soon as we see a black person in a position of power, we all immediately turn to utter a racial slur about this person, right? You guys know what we’re talking about! Black people are scary! YET, RedState has apparently had to go years without saying such a thing towards the president of the United States, who is a black guy. That is a very impressive amount of willpower for people who hold racism so dear! RedState definitely deserves a Medal of Honor for this (as long as that black guy doesn’t get his grubby socialist fingers all over it). However, RedState blogger Dave Poff has determined that Obama recently said a racial slur himself, so now all the RedStaters are Free At Last to type racial slurs about Obama on the Internet. Hooray! Read more on RedState Angry It’s ‘Still’ Not ‘Allowed To Make a Racial Slur’ About Obama…