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‘Crucified Santa’ Holiday Display Goes Over As Well As You’d Expect

Is it Xmasween time already, kids? Not if the furious Christians of Loudoun County, Virginia have anything to say about it! A holiday display on the courthouse lawn featuring a crucified Santa skeleton was reduced to ruins thanks to a bilious outpouring of fury from the Jesus people, and more specifically because one enraged woman stopped by to personally tear it apart. The point of the display according to the artist was to “depict society’s materialistic obsessions and addictions and how it is killing the peace, love, joy and kindness that is supposed to be prevalent during the holiday season,” which is naturally a sentiment deeply offensive to Christians, because of Santa being one of the original twelve apostles and, uh… what else, mall shopping being a holy sacrament? Anyway, more importantly, WHO IS TO BLAME FOR ALLOWING THIS ABOMINATION IN THE FIRST PLACE??? Read more on ‘Crucified Santa’ Holiday Display Goes Over As Well As You’d Expect…