pt the usual suspects

For some darn reason, the organizers of the “Million Vet March on the Memorials” are suddenly distancing themselves from the fine people who showed up in DC over the weekend to tear down the barriers around the WWII Memorial and demand the impeachment of Fake Preznit Obama. On their homepage and their FacePlaceSpace page, the […]

A Vietnam war memorial in a park in Coos Bay, Oregon, was the target of a small explosion last Thursday; while police have not made any arrests or identified any suspects, the forensic scientists at Gateway Pundit have decided that the bombing was the work of an “Atheist Group.” Guest blogger* Mara Zebest presents her […]

It would be helpful to the authorities if some of these Occupy protesters would do something a little more guilty than being an Iraq veteran shot in the head by a policeman, wouldn’t it? Let’s see let’s see, did anything weird happen about a week ago that could be conclusively linked to Wall Street’s desire […]