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Because so many millions of American children are plopped in front of the teevee to watch Sesame Street instead of getting any breakfast, what with 45 million people on food stamps and tens of millions with no jobs and other economic unpleasantness, the folks at the Children’s Television Workshop will introduce a sad new muppet […]

What has become of Washington’s beloved comedy animal, Butterstick the Panda Bear? If this tragic BBC News photo is to be trusted, the once-adored animal is now a beaten, sad-faced monster finally let out of its horror jail after god knows how many weeks. It’s probably crazier than John McCain at this point, and looks […]

Sarah Palin, what a whiner! She went on vacation and drew on her visor, with a marker, and now she is QUITTING her foreign Hawaiian fun-trot because somebody pointed out that she drew on her visor with a marker.

We’ve got to side with the majority here. Regardless of whether you’re posting to agree or disagree, any Gretawire commenter is pretty much by definition a loser. [Gretawire]

THE SADDEST THING  10:23 am October 3, 2008

by Ken Layne

GOOD LORD: Here is the most tragic thing you’ll see today, “Foreclosure Alley,” from KCET in Southern California. Thanks to commenter qwerty42 for bumming us out. [KCET via Andrew Sullivan]

After a brief stint as arm candy for America’s most exciting celebrity veep candidate, John McCain went back to being sad old WALNUTS! yesterday when he had to attend a public event all by himself. Of course it went disastrously, because nobody likes John McCain — not even his supporters! Ugh, how embarrassing.

Live from the Xcel Energy Center! Uh, Laura Bush! She spoke, softly, and a giant video Rick Perry appeared, telling the very sparse crowd that he was going to save the poor people who maybe got flooded. He was standing by an airplane!