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  the oracle of tennessee

Basil Marceaux’s Midterm Predictions

When you’re looking for a solid prediction of today’s results, to whom do you really want to turn? Nate Silver? Mark Halperin? The Cook Political Report? No. You turn to this campaign season’s best candidate, Basil Marceaux. Marceaux told us the Republicans will win three seats, which is enough to control the House. (To be fair, before he said this he was discussing about the FEC, which he says controls the whole system, making our country a democracy, even though the Pledge of Allegiance says it’s a republic.) After the jump, Basil makes his prediction in the Nevada Senate race. Read more on Basil Marceaux’s Midterm Predictions…
  the oracle of tennessee

Basil Marceaux Is Your New, Even Better Ernest J. Pagels, Jr.

When our friend Ernest J. Pagels, Jr., dropped out of his race for Senate earlier this week, we didn’t know if we could ever love again. But you know what? The universe works in mysterious ways. It started with a simple e-mail subject line in our tips inbox: “It’s okay to laugh at the mentally impaired if they’re running for a public office, right?” Wonketters, you have a new 2010 election boyfriend. His name is Basil Marceaux, and he’s a Republican candidate for governor of Tennessee. Read more on Basil Marceaux Is Your New, Even Better Ernest J. Pagels, Jr….