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  the long hot summer

Matt Drudge Very Concerned By ‘Urban Chaos’ and ‘Urban Youth’

It turns out that daily catastrophic tornadoes are not the only problem faced by America’s cities these days. Traditionally at the bottom of America’s socioeconomic system since being brought here in chains at the bottom of slave slips, black people seem to once again be having a very hard time of it during the Great Recession, and that has perhaps led to waves of “street protests” or “flash mobs” or “race riots” or “urban chaos” from Boston to Long Island to Washington to Charlotte to Miami. Or maybe some kids got drunk and obnoxious in a couple of places, as all kids tend to do. The troubles started over Memorial Day Weekend, which is legally supposed to be about honoring those Americans killed in America’s constant overseas wars but also marks the beginning of the summer. And summertime is when the rioting is easy. Read more on Matt Drudge Very Concerned By ‘Urban Chaos’ and ‘Urban Youth’…