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  the kids don't stand a chance

A Children’s Treasury of ‘GZ Mosk’ Activists Against Justin Bieber

Remember when those people opposed to the “Ground Zero Mosk” embarrassed our country over the summer, and then the international news media moved on? They didn’t, apparently, and now they have come to the next front in their epic battle to bring xenophobia to New York City: finding famous people who supported the right of Muslims to have that community center built, and boycotting them. Enemy number 1, according to their Facebook profile image: Justin Bieber. Now, according to Salon, Justin Bieber never actually said anything about the “mosk,” and the source seems to be a story on a fake news site. But that’s not important. What’s important is these people vacillating on Facebook between wanting Bieber dead and deciding to pray for him and Canada, that they too may one day hate Muslims. Read more on A Children’s Treasury of ‘GZ Mosk’ Activists Against Justin Bieber…