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Arizona Cop Not Sure What Big Deal Is Over His Bullet-Riddled Obama Photo

What had we gone, a whole week or so without a news story about a public official cracking jokes online about murdering Barack Obama? That’s kind of a long time! Don’t “worry,” however, Mexico still does not want Arizona back, so we will never go too long without one of these kinds of things while a black guy is president: the Secret Service is investigating Sgt. Pat Shearer, a Peoria, Arizona police officer, after he posted a Facebook picture of a group of assault rifle-wielding teenagers holding up a bullet-riddled t-shirt with Barack Obama’s face on it during one of their Future Gas Station Attendants of America meetings. Shearer has taken the photo down, but come on, he just wants to know, what is everyone’s problem? Since when did everyone start taking assassination so seriously? Read more on Arizona Cop Not Sure What Big Deal Is Over His Bullet-Riddled Obama Photo…
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Dweeb Right-Wing Bloggers Fall For Clearly Fake #OWS Parody

The Internet has a very important question for us today: can whiny conservative bloggers even read? There at the top of this Globe and Mail article about Occupy Toronto lies the ominous word: SATIRE. Beneath it follows a series of mocking fictional quotes by protesters such as, “I have taken to doing the human mic as an act of conscientious citizenry. I went home to have dinner with my parents and when my mother would speak, I would repeat it so that my dad could hear at the other end of the table.” The right-wingers were supposed to have a quaint laugh about it, protesters¬†are so silly!, but the humorless mongrel abyss of their dark little souls failed to detect the comic hyperbole and instead sent them to work pooping out furious reactions, which in turn we may now laugh at. The cycle completes itself! What did they have to say? Read more on Dweeb Right-Wing Bloggers Fall For Clearly Fake #OWS Parody…