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Real Americans know that they are living in the Greatest Country in the World, no matter how many hours they spend in the unemployment line, because that’s just how it is, forever. So why does Michelle Obama, the wife of our President and part-owner of First Dog, Bo, think that she is living in hell? […]

If you got out the beer and cold cuts and had the neighbors over to watch 9/11 on the teevee the other day, perhaps you saw our First Lady Michelle Obama mark the occasion with a visit to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, home of a couple of mills and the terrible Flight 93 crash site. Laura Bush […]

Have you had enough 9/11 lately? If you are a True Patriot, the answer is, of course, “Never!” So you must be excited for the FLOTUS reunion between current, sexy FLOTUS Michelle Obama and previous, less exciting FLOTUS Laura Bush at the future site of the Flight 93 National Memorial, coming soon to a teevee […]