pt the american dream

Here is some good news for all the working stiffs: nobody except the top quartile of income earners will be able to retire at 65 anymore, so plan on working until you die. Young people trying to find jobs? You will never, ever find a job because all the jobs will be taken by 80-year-old […]

According to people who used to be Christine O’Donnell’s neighbors, she was sort of odd but nice, perhaps as one would expect. “She would lounge on her front porch in her pajamas some weekends, smoking cigars and drinking wine with a girlfriend.” But she also had a man over her house all the time, and […]

Thanksgiving is the day Americans very briefly pretend to be civilized family people as they gather around a table covered in once-a-year homemade food. The day after Thanksgiving — Black Friday — is when Americans return to their real selves. At 5 a.m. today, outside a Long Island Wal-Mart, a crazed mob busted through the […]