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Obama Tells Rolling Stone Why Republicans Are So Lame

The military journal Rolling Stone has taken a break from its usual “all war all the time” Afghanistan/Iraq reporting to visit with the military’s president, Barack Obama, in Washington. Last time Obama had to deal with the army magazine was back in June, when Rolling Stone ‘tween cover boy Stanley McChrystal got in trouble for saying how much he hates America’s president and vice president. And then Obama had to fire him. So what does this anti-Rolling Stone president have to say to the magazine? He basically explains how Republicans made a tactical gamble that the economic devastation was going to be around for a long time — at least until 2010, although many experts say “forever” — so blocking whatever Obama Administration programs to pump money into the moribund economy and get Americans back to work would, maybe, make it look like the Republicans weren’t to blame for letting the Great Recession happen during their control of the White House for the previous eight years and Congress until 2006. Read more on Obama Tells Rolling Stone Why Republicans Are So Lame…