pt that’s not racial transcendence

Last week, Newt Gingrich put out what he described as a “heartfelt” statement about the passing of Nelson Mandela. (No, you’re not really supposed to describe your own work as “heartfelt,” but in the annals of Gingrichian self-regard, this is probably as minor as it gets.) Back in the ’80s, Gingrich had in fact (for […]

Florida Man William Filene, 25, had pretty much the greatest Halloween costume in the history of ever: Trayvon Martin, in minstrel-style blackface, with a hilarious blood stain on his chest, from where he was shot with a gun and murdered at the age of 17! Great one, Bill! Just super funny and awesome. But some […]

The Superintendent and the Director of Athletics and Activities for the Coatesville Area School District in Pennsylvania both “unexpectedly resigned” during the first week of school this year. Turns out that they had been trading racist texts on their school-provided phones for most of the summer. Not the sort of stupid Obama-as-a-witch-doctor kind of thing […]

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is something of a dick. This is not a “new” experience for New Yorkers, who have in their infinite wisdom elected Rudy Giuliani, Ed Koch, and, hrm, other people, we don’t know, LaGuardia seemed nice? ANYHOO. Ol’ Bloomberg up there is just cold runnin’ around, takin’ Sarah Palin’s Big Gulps, […]

A guest post from your comrade Gary Legum. Here is the sum total of facts your Wonket knows about Emory University: it is located in Atlanta, and Emory’s current president, one James Wagner, is dumber than a bag of hammers. Okay, perhaps that last one is more opinion than fact. Here, let us read this […]

Meet Todd Kincannon. This tall drink of water is the former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, an attorney, and the community organizer of something on Twitter called the Twitter Gulag Defense Network or #tgdn. Todd Kincannon is also a man with some very strong opinions about last night’s Super Bowl. This Super […]

Hey onetime comedienne and ukulele molester Victoria Jackson, what are you on about today? I wrote a uke song called “White Men Are Good” and sang it at a comedy club about 4 years ago. I could feel the audience tense up. Why? Why is there a Black History Month but not a White History […]

Hey, Colin Powell, you are a black Republican. What do you think of people in your party who are constantly not being racist with their watermelon emails and their funny nose-bone witch-doctor shirts? Oh, you are against it? Perhaps you would like to CALL SOME PEOPLE OUT, BY THEIR NAMES, STARTING WITH SARAH PALIN? Please […]

There are not enough pixels in the universe to reproduce every stupid watermelon email sent out by a GOP official, or even every racisty thing spewed by NRO. So we shall have to limit our examination of the Year In Racial Transcendence to just those sage comments espoused by the not at all spittle-flecked ranters […]

America’s most credible journalist, Jerome Corsi, has a new installment out in his series on how a young, homosexual Barack Obama got ahead in Chicago politics. This piece focuses on his arranged marriage to Michelle Obama, who, Corsi strongly implies, is also black. For example, Michelle has been known to use secret black code language: […]

It seems like just two months ago that the august and erudite National Review Online was having to face its terrible shame and can all its writers for being bald horrible racists. And yet their newest fellow likes to write things about how the Founding Fathers didn’t let black people vote for a reason. And […]

Your Wonkette loves a fun fact, and Kevin D. Williamson’s most recent essay for the National Review Online is full of them! The funnest fact of them all is the core argument of the piece, which is that the GOP is the civil rights party, but there are lots more! For example, did you know that […]

GOOD MORNING. Did you have “March 31″ in your Race War Pool? Then you and only you are the winner. (The rest of us will just sob quietly into our Slankets.) The good news is that now roving bands of wilding youths seeking out senior citizens to attack in Toledo, Ohio, are racially transcendent. The […]

We’re not sure what “dictionary” Miz Paula Smith of Hinesville, Georgia, “reads,” but she clearly has Knowledge on her side when she says the n-word “is not racist.” Roger Friedman of Forbes got Miz Smith on the tallyphone to ask her why her company, Stickatude, has been selling some perhaps-inelegant bumper stickers that have doubtless […]

Here’s your charming racist Obama-related stunt of the day: Some jackass cleverly put a book about monkeys in a window display of Obama books, at a Barnes & Noble in Florida. Ha ha so funny! Barnes & Noble has apologized for this thing it didn’t do, so this one blogger says “Yeah sure. Blame it […]