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Police beating a person.

Stop Calling The Police Because Black People Annoy You!

It's almost like money won't protect you if you're black.

ACTUALLY Ronald Reagan Was Racist AF

Go fuck yourself, Ghost Ronald Reagan!

The ‘Alt-Right’ Twitter Purge Explained With Cartoon Deer

A cartoon! You like cartoons!

Trump Advisor Had Some Thoughts About Ovens And Jews. That Doesn’t Really Narrow It Down, Huh?

This week, we discovered that a Trump advisor had some interesting thoughts about ovens and Jews, and also how he loved to YOU'RE FIRED! them. (Jews. He YOU'RE FIRED! all the Jews. We assume he lets his oven continue...

Why Do Hillary Clinton Press Conferences Hate White People So Much?

Ask Hillary if she's 'trustworthy' again. ASK HER, WE DARE YOU.

‘I’m Not Racist, I Just Think Obama Is A Monkey,’ Part 5,364,296,431,509,876,608

Colorado GOP official posts meme featuring a still of Reagan feeding a chimpanzee, with the text 'I’ll be damned … Reagan used to babysit Obama.'

Ben Shapiro Declared A Social Justice Warrior By People More Racist Than Ben Shapiro

With the rise of the "alt-right" -- which is exactly like the racist far-right, except they call themselves "alt" in order to insinuate that they were very cool in the '90s or something and maybe even listened to Nirvana -- the bar...
"Screw you, kid"

What If We Cut Off Food Stamps And Starve The Poors In Baltimore? That Might Work!

Baltimore's citizens are as mad as hell and sick and tired of being sick and tired, and every jerkhole with a mouth has an opinion about what they really need to shut 'em up and make 'em stop being...
Another black man taking a white man's job.

It’s Hard Out Here For Another White Man And The Daily Caller Is ON IT

Everyone please give a warm Wonkette welcome to Evan Gahr, a whiny dipshit of a freelance reporter in D.C. Be nice, you guys, he’s having a tough week being just another white man in Dolemite Obama’s America. A couple of...

Newt Gingrich So Mad At MSNBC For Forcing Conservatives To Be Racist About Nelson Mandela

Last week, Newt Gingrich put out what he described as a "heartfelt" statement about the passing of Nelson Mandela. (No, you're not really supposed to describe your own work as "heartfelt," but in the annals of Gingrichian self-regard, this...

Tips For Doing Halloween Blackface Right, By The Guy Who Went As Dead Trayvon Martin

Florida Man William Filene, 25, had pretty much the greatest Halloween costume in the history of ever: Trayvon Martin, in minstrel-style blackface, with a hilarious blood stain on his chest, from where he was shot with a gun and...

Pennsylvania School Administrators’ Texts Not All Racist — Some Were Sexist, Too

The Superintendent and the Director of Athletics and Activities for the Coatesville Area School District in Pennsylvania both "unexpectedly resigned" during the first week of school this year. Turns out that they had been trading racist texts on their...

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg: Why Must Racist Bill De Blasio Have A Black Wife And Son?

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is something of a dick. This is not a "new" experience for New Yorkers, who have in their infinite wisdom elected Rudy Giuliani, Ed Koch, and, hrm, other people, we don't know, LaGuardia seemed...

It Is Cute When White People Try To Have Thoughts About Slavery

A guest post from your comrade Gary Legum. Here is the sum total of facts your Wonket knows about Emory University: it is located in Atlanta, and Emory’s current president, one James Wagner, is dumber than a bag of...

South Carolina Republican Bravely Tweets Similarities Between Trayvon Martin, Super Bowl

Meet Todd Kincannon. This tall drink of water is the former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, an attorney, and the community organizer of something on Twitter called the Twitter Gulag Defense Network or #tgdn. Todd Kincannon is...