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Leaderless Britain Suspiciously Riot-Free

As the mists rising from vomit-filled gutters all over the United Kingdom were chased away by the feeble northern sun, bleary-eyed drunken yobs all over the island awoke to discover that the votes they had cast the previous day on a lark had resulted in no clear winner. David Cameron, the posh Tory whose youthful hobbies included destroying property, six months ago was a shoo-in to demolish Labour’s Gordon Brown, who is hated by everyone including himself, and cute li’l Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats; and though the known cock-fantasizer did indeed come in first, his Conservatives didn’t get more than half the seats in Parliament meaning NOBODY IS IN CHARGE ANARCHY WHOOOOO!!! Read more on Leaderless Britain Suspiciously Riot-Free…