pt terrorists

Furry Massachusetts socialist Scott Brown switched his vote to “yes” on the latest financial regulatory reform motion to proceed, after LYING to elderly Mormon vote-counter Harry Reid and voting “no” during last night’s attempt. Today’s final count was 60 to 40, just enough to break a filibuster, making Brown’s switch the deciding factor. Let’s see […]

Oh dear, it looks like those liberal celebrities are insulting George W. Bush’s heroism by plotting amateurish “copycat crimes” against Freedom. Why else would self-loathing college rapper Kanye West be arrested at the airport, on 9/11? Exactly. Now let’s invade, what, Belgium or Egypt or something. [CNN]

Wonkette Semi-Aquatic Rodent Operative “Claiborne” asks this very important question, and the answer is: because they are terrorists. New evidence reveals that violent extremist muskrats perpetrated today’s breach of the levees north of St. Louis. Shocking video footage of these terrorists plotting their takeover of Missouri, after the jump.