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GOP Congressman Spitty With Fury Over Susan Rice’s Benghazi ‘Lies’

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-The Taliban) is very, VERY concerned about all the lies that the Obama Administration has been telling about Benghazi, and so to even things up, he has some lies of his own to tell! On Fox News, Rohrabacher told Greta Van Susteren that he was convinced that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied like crazy about the attacks when discussing them on Sunday talk shows five days later: “They knew within a matter of hours, if not right away, that this was an organized, armed hit job by al-Qaida, probably, but an organized, commanded effort to murder our people,” Rohrabacher charged, dismissing Rice’s assertion that “movie rage,” as the congressman put it, was the catalyst behind the attack. “That was a lie. They knew it was lie when they said it,” the California Republican said. “When they sent out Ambassador Rice to all the talk shows, they knew that was not the truth. When you tell something that’s not the truth to the American people, especially in the middle of a crisis, they shouldn’t expect to get away with it and be forgiven.” Oh, except that’s kind of not really what Rice said? That’s probably all right, though, since it’s on Fox, so getting something only half right is a step up for them? Read more on GOP Congressman Spitty With Fury Over Susan Rice’s Benghazi ‘Lies’…