pt teach your children well

Larry Pratt, king of Gun Owners for Gun Owners For And By America, Amen, showed up on the un-delightfully misnomered Christian Information Radio last week to talk about new spring floral arrangements how guns are the very bestest thing that has ever happened to America or schoolchildren ever. We are no stranger to Pratt here […]

Hello, Bedford Massachusetts! We do not know anything about you! Perhaps you are near Boston, or perhaps not! We don’t really care, though we do find ourselves chock full of consternation about what the hell is going on with your elementary schools up there, because damn. Bedford school officials are reaching out to community groups […]

At least he wasn’t a prop. Organizers said the event, which happened to fall on the birthdate of Thomas Jefferson, was not a “gun rally.” But that didn’t stop 11-year-old Hunter Cogswell of Concord from bringing an AR-15 and a big white flag with black lettering: “Come and Take It.” The boy said he was […]

Dude, total good one, Fox Nation: Michelle Obama, who has quickly become the Obama campaign’s tip of the spear when it comes to fundraising and vote-getting, is now stumping for children to convince their “great-grandparents” to vote for her husband. We see what you did there!