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Minnesota State Legislator Email Compares Unions With Hitler, Castro

Taking the peg up a notch in Scott-Walker-style ire toward constituents, Minnesota State Rep. Tom Hackbarth (R-Cedar) did not like an email he got from a unionized constituent asking him not to vote for massive budget cuts that would affect Minnesota families. So he dashed off a reply letter containing an illiterate revisionist history lesson of sorts demanding to both know how this voter gets her propaganda and telling her that unions are communist, Hitler blamed the Jews and Castro blamed the rich people, and they both killed people. It could also have been someone using Hackbarth’s account, but the representative will not respond to anybody asking him, “what the hell was that?” The proposed budget cuts are a tense issue currently leading the state toward a government shutdown, which makes us excited to see what sort of stone cold insanity comes out of the federal budget fight later this year. Read more on Minnesota State Legislator Email Compares Unions With Hitler, Castro…