pt surprise!

HOO-WEE, everyone strap in, the St. Petersburg Times has discovered that one of the more frothing racist loons littering the comments section on its news articles with vulgar diatribes is — GASP — an elected Republican officeholder! These types of reports are the only thing on the Internet more common than those annoying “FIVE SECRETS […]

Rev. Grant Storms is apparently well known in New Orleans for wearing stupid Bible-American-flag t-shirts, donning ridiculous 1980s pedophile/hipster glasses, and walking through Southern Decadence, the city’s annual gay festival, with a broom. Apparently, though, he does not do this during the city’s annual boob festival, Mardi Gras, so it’s the gays he has a […]

Sarah Palin continues to be a major critic of President Barack Obama. Why are people giving her a platform? Why would anyone think she has any particular insight into national issues and how our federal government should operate? Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to mic up a grilled cheese sandwich and ask it questions? But […]

Oh ho ho ho, big victory for banal reactionary Mad Lib The POLITICO, as executive editor Jim VandeHei was just elected to serve on the Pulitzer Board. He is the first person from the Internet to ever do such a thing! Reports… the POLITICO, cynically: “‘In many ways, the Pulitzer Board is on the same […]