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Herman Cain is the big loser of a new GOP primary poll that he won, because he is an awful inarticulate sex creep slob who got only 18% support, which is a few percentage points less than the last time one of these dumb polls came out six seconds ago, so it is Over For […]

It is a very slow news day today, in honor of John Lennon, a man who wrote music and died one time. It also seems slow for something called the Congressional Prayer Caucus, which seeks to make Americans pray more by sticking prayer earmarks into the law books or something. What is the controversy? Obama […]

There is really nothing going on today. We suppose we have to post a thing about Palin saying Obama is “in over his head.” WAIT, NO, HERE IS SOME INSANE ROBOT THING WE FOUND ON YOUTUBE. That’ll do. Same thing, basically.

Some Arizona energy commissioner is threatening to cut off electricity supplies to Los Angeles unless LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa renounces the city’s boycott. “I would be happy to help them to renegotiate the power agreements so they no longer receive power from Arizona,” commissioner Gary Pierce told ABC News. Arizona has a nuke plant plus […]