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Cherokee Nation Chief Would Like Brown’s Staff To Can It With The War Whoops

Hey, everybody, settle in and let’s hear a story about the great American state of Oklahoma. See, once upon a time there were Native Americans living in the Southeastern United States, and they said, “Hey, these white people moving in have some good ideas about society, maybe let’s live more like them!” And the white people were like “Ha, nice try, we’d actually prefer that you live more like us … in Oklahoma, maybe? Don’t worry, it’s not too far to walk. Then like 70 years later they said, “Well, could we maybe have our own state at least?” And Teddy Roosevelt was like “Nah, man, you should, uh, have a state with the white people living next door to you, and increasingly right there on the land we promised that was yours, yeah, that’ll work too.” Then a lot of the Native Americans were like “Fuck this noise” and married white people and stopped participating in tribal political life and such. But their kids and grandkids remembered they were Native Americans! Even though they had a lot of white ancestors too! But there still are tribal governments in Oklahoma, and every once in a while one of their leaders has to say “OK, Massholes, can it with the casual racism, please.” Read more on Cherokee Nation Chief Would Like Brown’s Staff To Can It With The War Whoops…