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In a stunning upset victory for common sense, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a lawsuit against a high school history teacher brought by one of his students who complained the teacher said in class that Creationism is “religious, superstitious nonsense.” In the Olden Daze this would have been the sort of moment […]

Sure, maybe we can’t all spend five trillion dollars on spray paint to make the family trailer look like Sarah Palin’s Magic Crazy School Bus, but shouldn’t we, as Americans, be able to make small improvements to our vehicles, to honor Sarah and her Race to Nowhere? Isn’t “Vanity Plate Freedom” part of the First […]

Celebrity millionaire playboy Jeff Greene had only one goal last week, and that was to win his primary in Florida so he could be the “Democratic candidate” to run against Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio, for comedy. But he lost because the press — the evil press! — painted him as a sleazy celebrity millionaire […]