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Meghan McCain’s ‘Perverse Side’ Also Has Election Predictions

Sure, we’ve already caught up with Basil Marceaux to get his election predictions, but what about America’s second-best pundit, The Daily Beast’s Senior Political Analyst Meghan McCain? It turns out she also knows how things will turn out tonight. So who will win? Republicans mostly, and also mostly moderate, so-called (by nobody) “Meghan McCain Republicans,” like Charlie Crist and Lisa Murkowski. Oh, and that latter upset will finally let Meg wrest away the title she deserves: “Alaska is fascinating because it will either confirm or deny Sarah Palin’s reign as kingmaker.” The queen is dead! Long live Queen Meghan! Meghan also admits she has a “perverse side” that makes her do gross stuff like decide Christine O’Donnell will win. Eww! Read more on Meghan McCain’s ‘Perverse Side’ Also Has Election Predictions…