pt stop hitting yourself

Is there anything better than watching the House GOP flail around and repeatedly smack its own face as it tries to murder Obamacare? Oh no there is not. Yesterday the House Energy and Commerce Committee met and they had all these cool talking points about how no one was ever going to pay for Obamacare […]

Do you ever feel like maybe Bristol Palin and her mom, Moose, are projecting a little bit? Here, for instance, is “Bristol’s” latest bloog post, about how she enjoys the Bible and choosing life, and how pro-choice people are constantly “spewing violence” toward pro-life folks. Like, they are probably murdering pro-life people right there in […]

Barack Obama, the president of these here United States, has given back five percent of his salary in solidarity with the most tragic victims the world has ever known: children what didn’t get to go on their White House tours. So that’s … nice? We guess? But if anybody in the administration thinks that will […]

In the wake of the massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary (as well as the alarming violent trend in its aftermath), you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Hey, I really need a gun.” Or you already exercise your rights to the fullest, and you’re thinking, “Hey, I really need more guns.” Either way, you’re sick […]

In the wake of that football player shooting his ¬†girlfriend and also an entire human history of widespread violence against women,Fox’s Dana Perino has an innovative solution ¬†to end the abuse! Did you know that probably a majority of the time, women who are beaten consciously make a decision to be with the right nut […]