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Well, kids, we certainly have had fun mocking the Republicans for a series of stupid quotes about how Obamacare will rape your daughter,  or yelling at people doing their jobs, or 9/11, and we could go on and on … hell, we kinda did. And miraculously, the White House has managed to not brain-fart something […]

Hey, America: This is what you’ll lose, once the last bloated newspapers close forever: People like this, whining about the Most Important Thing Ever, a soggy newsprint version of yesterday’s wire copy and weeks-old syndicate features about “winter vegetables,” wrapped around a Big Lots! circular and six or seven pages of foreclosure notices in the […]

STFU  4:06 pm February 6, 2009

by Jim Newell

MAYBE THIS WILL HUSH THEM UP: Ahh, here’s a much deserved article in the Washington Post about how insanely rude and distracting it is for people like Dick Cheney and Andy Card to be whining about how Obama is helping the terrorists win with his LACK OF A SUIT COAT during the first few weeks […]

STFU  5:47 pm September 9, 2008

by Ken Layne

BLACK GOVERNOR IS RACIST FOR NOTING PALIN’S RACIST ATTACK ON ‘COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS’: What would the GOP do without black people to call racist? [Gawker]

STFU  12:13 pm August 20, 2008

by Jim Newell

POOR BABIES: Apparently all Democratic Senators are complaining about how each is allotted only eight tickets to Barack Obama’s convention speech at Invesco Field. So everyone get together, let’s say it in unison, here we go: Aww. [Ben Smith]

David Brooks allows a made-up reader to address him as “Mr. Kierkegaard” today in his column. Here is what “Existential in Exeter” asks Søren Kierkegaard, who is David Brooks, about Culture: “All my life I’ve been a successful pseudo-intellectual, sprinkling quotations from Kafka, Epictetus and Derrida into my conversations, impressing dates and making my friends […]