pt start ‘em young

Did you do high school journalism way back in the day when you had to do layout with a knife and the hot glue roller thing, or was that just us? SHUT UP WE ARE NOT THAT OLD. High school journalism has gotten downright good looking in the Internet era and apparently also got hard-hitting, […]

TRIGGER WARNING AND SPOILER ALERT: Both Maureen Dowd and Thomas Friedman appear to be on vacation and did not drop any pearls of wisdom all over this week’s Sunday New York Times. We are disappoint. Still here, though: Ross Douthat, so we’ll get by, God willing. Also, too, there are many things about Halloween, all […]

Are little Jimmy and Janie coming home from school with a bunch of godless socialist ideas about “redistributing toys to other kids who haven’t had a turn” and “waiting in communist bread lines to go out to recess?” ┬áIf you are worried this kind of Soviet indoctrination is taking hold of your youngster in our […]