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Nation’s Old Dads Furious ‘Little Punk’ Jared Kushner Asked Russians For Secret Spy Phone To Moscow

Nation's fathers do not care for that little fucking punk, thinks he's gonna beat the FBI!
Watch where you point that thing, bub

Alex Jones Thanks God For Hero CIA Hacking Hillary Clinton, Subverting American Democracy! Hooray!

Also, he says American spies hacking one side of an (American) election and doing a 'counter-coup' is a good thing.

Never Forget: Michele Bachmann Is The Real Victim Of Calling People Muslim Terrorists

Fun times at the Capitol! First Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (who sits on the House Intelligence Committee) released a letter saying Hillary Clinton's top aide, superhotty Huma Abedin (who is married to Anthony Wiener, known Jew, also) is probably a...

Wisconsin Republican Mata Hari Should Probably Be Hotter

Hey poor dumb sad confused Waukesha, Wisconsin, GOP volunteer "man4men69@hotmail.com," you say you would like to sell your Republican bosses' double-secret Dropbox password to local Dems, but are you joking? I have the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s Dropbox password...

After Obama Eats Hamburgers With Medvedev, Russian Spies Caught All Over America

Just days after Barack Obama took his "solid and reliable partner" Dmitry Medvedev out for hamburgers in Arlington, the Justice Department announced the breakup of a major Russian spy ring operating right there in Northern Virginia -- as well...