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  Someone Is Wrong On The Internet!

No, GM Is Not Losing $49K On Every Volt; Reuters Just Fails at Basic Business Math

If there’s one characteristic that distinguishes conservatives from liberals, it’s business acumen, right? Libruls may occasionally be able to sell some patchouli-scented hemp-based iPod cozies at the Lesbian Sisterhood crafts fair, but conservatives are the folks who REALLY understand how Bidness works! That’s pretty much the premise of every Republican campaign in the last 30 years, after all. So how is it that when a journalist made a pretty obvious error in a story, the supposedly business-savvy folks in the right-wing blogosphere went nuts passing on the story’s erroneous conclusions? Here’s the skinny: A Reuters story on Monday featured this shocking lede: General Motors Co sold a record number of Chevrolet Volt sedans in August — but that probably isn’t a good thing for the automaker’s bottom line. Nearly two years after the introduction of the path-breaking plug-in hybrid, GM is still losing as much as $49,000 on each Volt it builds… ZOMG, said the wingnutosphere, Government Motors (get it? get it?) is losing tons of money — our money!! — on every single one of those horrible cars that nobody wants and that Obama’s socialist vehicular commissars forced GM to build as a condition of getting a bailout with OUR MONEEEEEE!!!!!!! Only that’s not, like, accurate at all. Read more on No, GM Is Not Losing $49K On Every Volt; Reuters Just Fails at Basic Business Math…